On The Way To Midway

                                     This original has been sold!                                          

                              This original Paul Sawyier watercolor was found in a newly purchased home. The Louisville, Kentucky home was previously owned by Edward G. Klemm, the only child of a prominent attorney. It has been related that Mr. Klemm was an admirer of Paul Sawyier's work, but not how this painting came into his possession, and had been left unframed in a stack of papers. It is amazing that this original, probably created about 1900 has remained in excellent condition, as if it was just painted. The colors are brilliant. The image is 3 3/4" x by 6 3/4" and was probably a work that later led to a larger Sawyier painting. The basis for the title "On The Way To Midway" is that the scene fits with another Sawyier watercolor "Road to Midway".