Paul Sawyier (1865-1917)

     Any paintings for sale through Bill Coffey of Paul Sawyier Galleries is authenticated as an original by Paul Sawyier. Any known history about the painting, the scene, and owners of the painting is written along with a photograph of the painting.

      Some works by Paul Sawyier were not signed but will be authenticated in writing by Bill Coffey. Sawyier's originals painted in Kentucky are identified by capital letters in block style. After moving to New York in 1913, he changed his signature for some reason script and lower case letters. 

     Paul Sawyier was very prolific in creating over 2,000 watercolor paintings while in the Frankfort and the Shakertown-High Bridge-Camp Nelson areas. After moving to New York, Sawyier still created Kentucky scenes in watercolor that were returned to collectors in Kentucky. These works are identified by the signature Sawyier used after 1913.

     While living in Brooklyn, New York and the Catskills Sawyier's preferred medium for New York scenes was oil. It is estimated that he created less than 200 oil paintings. 


A Kentucky scene showing the steeples of Frankfort, in a New York style signature.         

Two Sawyier signatures:  Kentucky (until 1913) and New York period (1913-1917)