This painting has been sold.

          Paul Sawyier created three different series of watercolor scenes, titled "Two Villages" based on the poem of the same name by Rose Terry Cooke.  The scenes reflected the "village of the living" or scenes of Frankfort, while the scenes of the "village of the dead" were of scenes in the Frankfort City Cemetery.  One set is at the Kentucky Historical Society and another with a family in Louisville.  

          This particular watercolor came from the series that was found in 1975 in Evanston, Illinois, later, to be sold to a sponsor in Cincinnati.  "All The Villages" is from that series and      fortunately for someone now available.   Framed along with the image is a segment of the poem.   

         The details in this image and the condition of the work is remarkable.  In the distance, is the old covered bridge, and on the right side of the image the buildings lining the Kentucky River are very detailed.

                                                          Image approximately 6" x 12"