This painting has been sold.


From 1908 to 1913, Paul Sawyier lived on his houseboat and with friends in the area of Shakertown, Kentucky. He is credited with painting over 500 images, primarily watercolors, of scenes of the Kentucky River and the palisades, between Shakertown and Camp Nelson.

Sawyier painted numerous works that included the railroad bridge over the Kentucky River at High Bridge, which was being reconstructed in the early 1900's. He also became good friends with the chief engineer of the Southern Railroad, Curtis Dougherty and his family.

Over thirty years ago, the nephew of Mr. Dougherty contacted Paul Sawyier Galleries about a Sawyier watercolor he had inherited. This painting was eventually reproduced as "High Bridge".

"High Bridge Over The Kentucky River" is very similar to Mr. Dougherty's painting. It was found recently in an antique store in a suburb of Atlanta. The history of the painting is yet to be established.


                                                               12" x 19" Image Size