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               One of the delights of finding "new" Sawyier originals is where they have ended up after being created over 100 years ago. In this instance, the owner of this watercolor and the watercolor "The Country Store" live in Wyoming. Initially, it was assumed these were art prints. However, after receiving photographs of the works, it was obvious that they were original paintings.

              It is known that the family was originally from Frankfort, Kentucky. The paternal great-grandfather was born in 1870, only five years younger than Paul Sawyier and they would have both attended Second Street School. His son travelled and moved extensively while working for the United States Army, and settled in Wyoming around 1900.

             On the back of both originals are the words "consigned by Neiss Waner", Sawyier's sister who lived in Pittsburg until her death in 1945. How the works ended up in Wyoming has not been established.

             This painting is so titled because the scene is consistent with several scenes where the Kentucky and Dix Rivers join at High Bridge, and include a large tree that Sawyier frequently included in other works of the area.



11" x 17" image size