Image: 9" x 11"                               

                              This watercolor is the only know painting by Paul Sawyier that shows any part of the Sawyier-Wingate House on Broadway in downtown Frankfort, Kentucky. In this scene is a view of the back of the house and includes Paul Sawyier's studio. In the Sawyier-Wingate album, stored in the Historical Society is a picture of the rear of the home and Sawyier's studio. Entering the new Kentucky Historical Society building would be like entering the front door of the Sawyier-Wingate House.

                               This painting was returned found in Paris, France. It was originally owned by Sawyier's oldest sister Lilian Hill. It was passed to her married son, Henry Sawyier Hill, who left it to his wife Mary Conway. She left the painting to her brother Richard Conway who left to her cousin Gertrude Domigan, Mrs. Richard Schroeder, who left it to their son.

                                                   This painting has been sold.