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                                     PATH UP WILLIAMS HILL                                                      

     Natalie Sawyier Bentz, Paul's sister, donated a pen and ink sketch to the Kentucky Historical Society with the words on the back" this pen sketch was made by Paul Sawyier about 1884, when he would have been 19, when he began studying art with Miss E.S. Hutchins". This sketch is similar to this winter scene.

     In Paul's handwriting, on the back of the picture frame of this watercolor are the words "Path Up Williams Hill  1909", establishing not only the location of the scene but the date of the work. Kate Williams owned the property where the Berry Hill Mansion was built at the top of the Louisville Road just before entering downtown Frankfort. Near the current road there still remains in the woods parts of the original road that was near this property.

     There is also a Brower sticker ont he back, indicating that this work was purchased from the Lexington furniture store that represented Sawyier while he lived in the Shakertown-High Bridge area. This original was purchased in 1909 and has remained with the same family, who lived on Foruth Street in Frankfort. The Oberwarth family who were close friends to the Sawyier family and had one of the largest collections of Sawyier originals alter moved into the same house.


                                                          6 1/2" x 9 1/2" Image size