In 1916, Paul Sawyier moved from Highmount, New York to the nearby community of Fleischmanns, where he lived with Mr. & Mrs. Phillip F. Schaefer until his death on November 5, 1917. Their home was a hillside overlooking Lake Switzerland. The family consisted of three children, two girls and one younger son. In 1983, the daughters were interviewed by Bill coffey, commenting that Sawyier was a dear friend and always a gentleman.

      Following Sawyier's death, his sisters traveled to Fleischmann to collect his belongs and paintings. The sisters also went to Detroit, Michigan for paintings that were with The Detroit Publishing Company. This firm had arranged a number bo one-man touring exhibitions of Sawyier's paintings.

       WATCHFUL WAITING was recently found in the Detroit area, puchased by the grandfather of the current owner. 

12 1/2" x 15 1/2"   THIS PAINTING HAS BEEN SOLD