Paul Sawyier as a youth fishing on the Elkhorn Creek

This painting was sold in February, 2012 



      Paul Sawyier created this view of the Elkhorn Creek and the old Dr. Suter house at Peaks Mill in numerous mediums and sizes. This could have been because it was one of Sawyier's favorite fishing spots. Or, there may been a connection to his great-grandparents, the Andersons, who also farmed in eastern Franklin County or to Sawyier's father who a physican in Frankfort.

      The community of Peaks Mill is located east of Frankfort on the Elkhorn Creek and Kentucky highway 1262. For his service in the Revoluntary War, Robert Todd received a land grant that included the area known as Peaks Mill. About 1812, Thomas Goldman purchased a tract and built a grist mill. In 1838, John Peak purchased the mill and operated it until 1853. In the 1870's, the area was incorporated as Peaks Mill. G.W. Suter, a physican, settled in Peaks Mill in 1819.

      This original watercolor was recently discovered in an estate north of Cincinnati. Because the picture fame was in such terrible condition the original was almost discarded. Remarkably, the painting was kept and once removed from the frame discovered to be in excellent condition, not glued onto a board and no acidity. The painting has a Kentucky era signature and was probably created about 1900.

      The Suter house is still standing and occupied by the family that has owned and operated Canoe Kentucky for many years.


6" x 10" Image Size