A Sawyier watercolor showing two children on a small bridge in front of the Peaks Mill near the Dr. Suter home.

                                                         GOING TO THE MILL

                                                       This painting has been sold.

      This is an original watercolor by Paul Sawyier, one of over fifteen given by Paul Sawyier to his friend, Leo Oberwarth, a Frankfort, Kentucky native and architect. The Sawyier paintings hung in the family home on Fourth Street for over 75 years. The Sawyier collection was passed to Mr. Oberwarth's son.  When Mr. Oberwarth retired to Alabama in the 1970's the collection was dispersed to various family members and this painting was sold.

     When the matboard around this painting were removed, it appears that in this scene the wagon was coming around a bend in the road, and that the image was originally much larger and probably horizontal. Because of acid burns the painting's image was probably trimmed until the work became vertical and without Sawyier's signature. This work is definitely authenticated as being by Paul Sawyier.


                                                            12" x 10" Image Size