Sawyier watercolor that shows the Frankfort skyline, including the Kentucky Military Museum.


                                                 This original has been sold.

      This watercolor is unique because it is only one of two scenes by Paul Sawyier looking east, down Frankfort's Main from just below the Kentucky Military Arsenal.

      On the right side of the painting is at least one residence and a white picket fence, along the road from Lexington into Frankfort. Directly in front of the viewer is a cart, probably used for transporting items up the hill. Two commerical buildings are just beyond, which were torn down for the construction of the "new" Capital Avenue Bridge.

      On the left side of the painting is the Kentucky River. In the distance, can be seen the Singing Bridge and the skyline of Frankfort, including Second Street School, steeples of the Federal and County Courthouses, many Church towers and top of the Capital Hotel.

      This painting came from the Berberich/Weitzel family. Valentine Bererich was a tailor on Frankfort's St. Clair Street after 1850. His daughter married Walter Weitzel who operated a jewelry store on St. Clair Street.

      It is highly likely that Paul Sawyier was a personal friend of the Berberich and Weitzel families, and either gave this painting to them, or they purchased it directly from Sawyier. The painting is over 100 years old.

                                                           4 5/8" x 8 1/2" Image Size