This Painting Has Been Sold

The focus of this very nice watercolor by Paul Sawyier is one of the lovely country roads in Franklin County, Kentucky. Sawyier leads the viewer to the road by enclosing with the trees on the left and the building and mountainside on the right.
This is one of the rare works where Sawyier actually identified the location of this scene. He wrote on the back of the painting "Benson Pike-Benson Depot". The depot would have been for the railroad that still travels through Frankfort, heading west toward Louisville. Benson Depot has a place in the Civil War history of Franklin County. Union troops built a blockade station there to protect the railroad from being interrupted by the Confederates. Union supply headquarters in Kentucky was at Louisville. The roalroad was their main way of getting supplies.
Sawyier has become known for the high quality of his smailler originals in terms of detail and often, using these works for creating larger paintings. While he did not duplicate this particular work in a larger size, he did create several scenes that focused on the Benson Creek.
Image: 7" x 14"