A Sawyier watercolor of Indian Head Rock on the Elkhorn given by Sawyier as a wedding gift.

                                THIS PAINTING WAS SOLD ON VALENTINE'S DAY - February 14th



      The focal point of this original watercolor is the rock formation known as "Indian Head Rock". This location is on the gently flowing Elkhorn Creek in eastern Franklin County, and can be reached by taking Owenton Pike, Kentucky 127 North, to Peak's Mill Road, Kentucky Highway 1900, for about two miles. The property has been in the Church/Saufley family for over 100 years, and is known as "Church's Grove".

      The rock formation has led to several legends. One is that this spot is supposed to be the scene of one of the last fights between early Franklin County settlers and Indians. Another is that in a fight with Indians, a settler was killed and his body floated down the creek, coming to rest against the base of this formation.

      This eastern view of Indian Head Rock is one Sawyier captured more than any toher. His paintings of this scene were of every size and every season, except winter. Today, this area is a favorite place for those who canoe the Elkhorn Creek to stop, rest, and view the beautiful scenery no matter the season.

      This watercolor came from the Berberich/Weitzel family collection. Valentine Bererich was a tailor on Frankfort's St. Clair Street after 1850.


7 3/4" x 15 1/2"