Another Sawyier watercolor of a scene near High Bridge on a moonlight evening.




      This is one of Paul Sawyier's favorite scenes. The view is from the Kentucky River, and just beyond High Bridge. On the left, above the palisades, is the High Bridge Pavilion that has annually hosted "The Paul Sawyier Story". In the distance, on the right, is where the Kentucky and Dix Rivers confluence. In the center is the village that is still at the base of the palisades. Sawyier often included the moon in these scenes.

     The focal point is a raft with two figures, on of which is a child in a red hat. This painting for many years was in Mrs. T. Jeremiah Beam's collection that included "A Rainy Day in Lexington". that painting also includes a child in a red hat.

     Mrs. Beam's maiden name was Kavannaugh and her mother ran a school in Lawrenceburg for students going on to West Point and Annapolis. Mrs. Beam received these two paintings from her mother, who received them from her mother, Mrs. Cheanault. Mrs. Cheanault's brother ran a store in Lexington that sold fine China, and got the paintings from his friend Paul Sawyier.

     This watercolor was in the Sawyier exhibitions at the Speed Museum (1965) and Shakertown (1964), number 217. Although unsigned, it is authenticated as being by Paul Sawyier.


                                                 13"x20" Image