This Painting Has Been Sold


In this scene, Sawyier has stepped back from the bank of the Kentucky River. Using the trees on the water's edge, Sawyier's focal point is the curve of the river in the distance and the houseboats next to the shore. At first glance, while the colors in this fall scene seem similar, continued viewing actually reveals Sawyier's mastery of contrasting a wide range of color tones, adding brighter touch colors here and there.

Judge William Bridges White, a prominent jurist of Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, purchased this Sawyier watercolor in 1912 as a gift to his wife on their second wedding anniversary. The painting eventually was given to Carolyn White, Mr. White's granddaughter.

Tyrone is an eastern Anderson County community along the Kentucky River about 3 miles east of Lawrenceburg. The site was first known as Streamville. in 1869 James Ripy buildt a distillery which he named Tyrone for his home county in Ireland.

This painting is in the original frame. Attached on the back, is a Brower label establishing that this work was purchased in lexington, and noting that the scene is "Kentucky River at or near Tyrone".

This Sawyier may be his largest waterclor and despite being created over 100 years ago is still in premium condition.


Image: 20" x 29"