Paul Sawyier created three series of watercolors to illustrate Rose Terry Cooke's poem "The Two Villages". One is the village of the living, with illustrations of the City of Frankfort and the village of the dead, with illustrations of the Frankfort City Cemetery.  Under each scene is a passage from the poem.

          This original has retained its beauty and is of the highest quality.  It shows a scene from the cemetery, overlooking Frankfort. The passage is "Longs to sleep in the forest wild. Wither hath vanished wife or child".

         This original watercolor is from the set found in Evanston, Illinois in 1975. It is unknown why Sawyier created these series and how one set found it way to Illinois. Of the other two series, one is in the Kentucky Historical Society's collection and the other in private hands.

       This particular watercolor has retained its beauty and is of the highest quality. The scene is from the Frankfort City Cemetery overlooking Frankfort.


                                        8 1/4" x 13 1/2"